Joan's page
This page is in memory of a founding artist of Anodyne who through her performance and visual art made a tremendous impact on how those of us with disabilities are seen in our society today. The Voices of Anodyne Anodyne is... “building a community” “I come here to paint” “a place to strengthen my artistic ability” “a place to let go” “getting experience to support myself and my family” “a place of self-expression” “…learning by doing” “it is important to me to bring awareness to differences” “…don’t fence me in.” “I found my niche” “there is empathy, as opposed to sympathy” “I am part of the vision” “I can see my vision coming to life” “a place where they look at abilities, not disabilities” “…determination…” “we help each other” “I am overcoming my personal obstacles” “a place to express myself” “I feel at home here” “…I realize that I have something to give.” “there is no such thing as can’t” “…genuine…” “I come here to learn” “and then there was life…”