Performing Arts
Anodyne has a professional theatre company, which offers productions at least three times a year.  All productions are cast through an audition process.  Auditions are posted in the traditional places.
Performing artists are supported through acting technique, movement/dance, music, writing, improvisation, technical theatre, house/stage management and recording classes or mentoring in these areas. 
Scripted plays as well as original works developed by theatre company members or guest artists are presented in the large performance space.  Cast and crewmembers are paid for their work.
Through industrial shows and workshops, members of the university and social service communities utilize Anodyne.  Anodyne tailors and develops scripts addressing current topics per the client’s request.
For nearly ten years, Anodyne has presented “Random Acts”.  “Random Acts”, is a platform for Anodyne Theatre Company members and members of the performance community at large to present new and tried works in front of an audience.  Playwrights, poets, composers, lyricists and dancers often utilize this opportunity to receive feedback during the development of their work. If requested, the Performing Arts Coordinator facilitates a discussion about their work.  “Random Acts” is held every third Thursday unless noted.
The professional recording studio produces original music for single music artists or groups.  Anodyne Theatre Company members produce poetry, spoken word and sound bites.