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Performing artists are supported through acting, movement/dance, music, writing, improvisation, tech, house/stage management and recording classes or mentoring.

Scripted plays, as well as original works, developed by theatre company members or guest artists are presented in the theatre space. Cast and crewmembers are paid for their work.

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Since 2001, Anodyne has presented Random Acts. Random Acts is a platform for Anodyne Theatre Company members, as well as members of the performance community at large, to present new and tried works in front of an audience. Playwrights, poets, composers, lyricists and dancers often utilize this opportunity to receive feedback during the development of their work. If requested, the Performing Arts Coordinator facilitates a discussion about their work.

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Through tailored industrial shows and workshops, members of various University and Social Service entities utilize Anodyne to heighten awareness of the strengths those with disabilities contribute to society.

Anodyne Theatre is casting its production of It Could Be Worse or Love at Frostbite, an original play. Anodyne is looking for adult actors of any and all types, ages and experience levels. Anodyne is also hiring a stage manager and lighting technician for the play.

Performances will take place November 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18.

Rehearsals will be mainly on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, as well as a few other evenings as we approach opening night.

A small stipend will be paid to all actors cast in this production.

Auditions will consist of readings from the script.

Send resume and bio to Anodyne Arts.

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