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Thank You

During the past 16 years, Anodyne has had the privilege of working with many very talented associate and instructing artists.

This past year has been momentous for us. We moved to our new space which brings a new energy to our Anodyne community.

Matt and Natalia, visual arts personnel, have been instrumental in moving the programming forward and keeping artists engaged.

In the coming year, we look forward to continuing our mission “To Create an Environment Where the Arts Belong to Everyone”.

Special Thanks To:
Velasco Family Trust II
Jordan B. Brown
Doug and Marilyn Paul
Andy - Sunrise Bank
Stu and Clint of AckmanBaer Commercial Realty
JGM Properties
Minnehaha Business Services- Our accountants and Payroll Company
Half Time Rec
Bob Eisenbise - Whole Foods
Catherine & Dave Gobernatz
Matt Levy
Kristin VanHooser
Gene Byland
Steve and Paul of NayNaNet
Stephanie and Kiera Morris
Anodyne Board of Directors
Finally, Isadora Duncan

Thank you!

Mary and Joseph Pendergast

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